Website Creation

EASY WEB SERVICES offers you its expertise in creation of your website whatever the type and whatever the medium of diffusion (fixed computer, tablet, smartphone…).
The mix of skills of our developers leads us to work in perfect synergy to achieve any type of web project:

  • Website :
    • Showcase site
    • Extranet site
    • Intranet site
    • Custom website
  • E-commerce website :
    • B2b E-commerce
    • B2CE-commerce
    • Online catalog
  • Web Marketing :
    • Natural SEO
    • E-mailing


We accompany you during all phases of your project, from the elaboration of the specifications to the publication of your site. 
- Conception and follow-up of your project 
- Graphic Design / WEBDESIGN 
- Web Strategy 
- Web writing 
- Technical realization 
- Domain name and hosting 
- Natural reference 
- Statistics of your site


Once your site is online, updates can be made by us or directly by you after a short tutorial. 
We remain at your side and listen to you. 


Web Strategy

EASY WEB SERVICES accompanies you to define a personalized web strategy, according to the objectives and the organization of your company. We will not offer a standard site but the site that suits you.

Together, we will define the desired strengths, targets, content and features based on your business. The development of specifications is a joint work where the aim is to position yourself effectively on the web to make you known, stand out from your competitors and to make you generate traffic and business flow. 
To improve your visibility on the Net, we will optimize the SEO of your site. And because the main factor of appreciation of a website is primarily its editorial content, we offer our expertise to define an editorial line and the writing of your website.

Finally, we propose to work on the visual identity of your website to make your image attractive.

Visual Identity


From the homepage, your site must appear in your image and allow you to stand out from your competitors. EASY WEB SERVICES helps you create your visual identity. Choice of colors, creation of a logo, etc. will be declined according to your needs.


Thus, the graphic will be personalized to allow the visitor at a view of the pages to know in what sector of activity the site deals.


In addition to the graphic aspect, it is important that your site is ergonomic and accessible. Facilitating navigation is one of our major goals.


Our expertise in graphic design allows you to be accompanied beyond the website for your print work: business cards, flyers, brochures, etc ...