Electronic Document Management

You want to be equipped with Electronic Document Management (EDM) software to facilitate the scanning, filing, sharing and archiving of your documents.

Typology of the documents concerned :

  • Documents for internal use
  • Documents relating to client files
  • Documents relating to supplier files…

Objectives of the solution :

  • Centralize, store and classify in a single repository all your documents .
  • Dematerialize documents as much as possible and make them available to employees through a secure intranet portal.
  • Improve organization and classification to facilitate research (body of the document) and access to documents : optimize productivity.
  • Save time and find documents easily.
  • Eliminate the risk of losing documents.


Classify and archive your documents in a few clicks !

Our EDM solution is distinguished by its speed of implementation and its ease of use. This makes it a universal EDM that adapts to any type of organization whatever the sector of activity. Find your cabinets in your computer !

An intuitive and universal solution
The visual interface takes the codes of the physical archiving: cabinets, shelves, binders, folders...

Unique access to all types of documents
It is very easy to find all the documents that make up a file: scanned documents, e-mails, office files, images, etc...

Smart folders
Empty, incomplete or files to be validated are instantly viewable. Folder trees of the same type are generated automatically. Folders are interfaced with the business software and multifunction scanners. Documents can be classified automatically according to their nature (invoices, payslips, mails ...).

A business GED
It meets the classification requirements regardless of the profession: standard filing plans are available. The flexibility of the solution will make it possible to adapt the tree structure to the requirements of the organization.

The Principle


Classify & archive all of your physical documents and store them as you do "in real life": choose the cabinet, the shelf, the filing cabinet, the folder.
Attach all your digital documents to your files : e-mails, office documents, photos, images, etc...


Finish with the loss of documents.
Manage user access: each employee only has access to the documents he needs.


Forget the time lost to the archives, search for the right document in the right binder, etc. With a standardized organization, instantly find your documents.


All stakeholders can access documentary resources in local or remote network on PC, tablet or smartphone.
Publish your documents in web mode to give access to your customers, suppliers and partners.